Some therapists at A Center for Therapeutic Massage will accept and bill for insurance. Please read this post, and then call us to find a participating therapist.

The following is important information about insurance and therapy.

Massage and bodywork therapies are often covered by insurance in the state of Florida. This includes major medical (e.g. Blue Cross) and job-related injury (Worker’s Compensation). The coverage depends on the terms of your policy. If you plan to use your insurance to cover your therapy, a simple call to your insurance company or agent can clarify the range of your coverage. All coverage is defined by the terms of your policy and policies can differ even with the same insurance company. Most policies have deductibles, and include limits on visits or on the amount of benefits they allow. There is also usually a co-payment charged by your therapist to cover the difference not paid by your insurance. If you have a HMO policy be aware that they do not usually cover massage therapy. It is important to know your own insurance benefits.

A prescription is required to begin your therapy. This may come from your medical, chiropractic, or osteopathic physician. The script needs to include the medical necessity for massage therapy, the diagnosis, the frequency and duration of the treatment and any specific techniques or modalities necessary for treatment. Your therapist can provide you with a form for your doctor. You will need to bring the script and your insurance information to your first appointment.

You will want to choose a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, and who has the training and experience to address your specific needs. All of our therapists do have advanced training, certifications and specialties. You can get this information by checking Our Therapists or by calling our office and discussing your needs.

Our therapists will do their best to make your therapy and insurance work for you. We will inform you to the best of our ability what you can expect from your coverage and the costs to you. We will contact and bill your insurance company when necessary, as well as keep the proper records. We understand the importance of working closely with the client, physician and your insurance company to get the most results. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have.