Frank Merillat

Frank MerillatLMT – Licensed Massage Therapist (MA17415)
Graduate Florida School of Massage – 1994
BA – English-Sonoma State University-1973

Frank has been in private massage practice since 1994. In addition, he is an instructor at the Florida School of Massage, where he teaches Kinesiology and Neuromuscular Therapy. He offers continuing education workshops focused on principles of movement, working with the breath, establishing deeper contact and the treatment of whiplash injury. He teaches massage in South Africa, as well.

He has worked in a medical practice with Dr. Michael Faas, a long established Gainesville chiropractor, and spent four years as a therapist for the University of Florida women’s gymnastic team. He holds certifications as a Trager Practioner (Trager Approach) and in Sports Therapy. He has advanced training in Myofascial and Deep Connective Tissue Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy (Craniosacral Therapy), Polarity, and Positional Release.

His practice has focused primarily on treatment of injury and habitual pattern problems that interfere with functional movement. He is interested in working with the whole person and the interaction between the physical body and the mind including a person’s thoughts and beliefs (Body-Mind Therapy).

Frank believes in the power of gentle, light touch as practiced in the Trager Approach and craniosacral therapy noting that many people prefer a lighter touch and to remain clothed. He is also well-trained and experienced in deep structural and neuromuscular therapy (Deep Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy). He wants to match the person’s needs with the appropriate technique for them to get the best results.

Frank’s 30 years of experience as an educator and human service worker added to his bodywork training enhances his ability to involve his clients in their own health care. He has been a co-owner of A Center for Therapeutic Massage since 1995.

Mae Leone

Mae Leone - A Center for Therapeutic MassageLCSW – Licensed Clinical Social Worker (SW5600)
Masters of Social Work, Florida State University 1994
LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist (MA5709)
Florida School of Massage, Gainesville , FL 1984

Mae has over 20 years professional experience as an LMT and has advanced trainings in: Deep Connective Tissue Therapy, Sports Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and Positional Release, among others. She is particularly gifted in Headache/Migraine Relief.

As a Social Worker, she has practiced counseling for over 10 years, and as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides both individual and group therapy. Her counseling skills are applicable for massage clients interested in Body-Mind Therapy where the relationship between tension patterns in the body and emotions/cognitions can be explored. She utilizes a variety of cognitive therapies in her counseling work, and has advanced trainings in Gestalt Therapy.

Her social work experience includes: Hospice, Children’s Medical Services, Domestic Violence Counseling. She has volunteered as an Information Specialist with United Way Information and Referral. She is co-owner of a Center for Therapeutic Massage.

Susan Wright

Susan Wright - A Center for Therapeutic MassageLMT – Licensed Massage Therapist (MA28568)

Graduate – Florida School of Massage – 1998
Member – American Massage Therapy Association

Board certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Susan joined our group in 1999, and is skilled in a wide range of bodywork options including Deep Connective Tissue Therapy, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Swedish Massage.

She is certified in Sports Massage, and has extensive training and experience in treatment of shoulder injury/rotator cuff tendonitis, neck and back pain, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia/myofascial pain syndrome, elbow tendonitis, and headache/migraine.

Susan encourages her clients to work with her to create a treatment approach tailored to their specific needs and preferences, and to provide feedback throughout the process to further refine their experience and continued well-being.

She also has a background working with children and adults with disabilities, and is comfortable accommodating individual needs.

Whether you have a specific issue you would like addressed, or would just like a soothing relaxation massage, you can reach Susan directly at 352-222-4796 to schedule an appointment, ask questions, or set up a free 15 minute consultation to meet her and tour our facility.


90-minute session: $100.00
60-minute session: $70.00
30-minute session: $45.00


Claudia Milz

Claudia Milz, PhD, LMT, CPT  (MA77810)

Claudia is an integrated FSM-trained and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer (IMAP, ISFTA) with a knack of helping with rehab situations for post op, injury and amateur athletes, as well as improving and maintaining functional well-being in all. The sessions are customized to the client’s needs (pain, posture, including complex medical situations) and preferences (mostly ‘deep tissue’ including tissue integration and neuromuscular therapy, with adaptive pressure).

Certifications also include Thai Massage (Ariela Grodner’s Bodhi Sangha), Usui Reiki (Master/Teacher following apprenticeship, since 2010). Training focuses on trauma, pain relief and scar treatment, and she has in-depth experience with chronically ill, whiplash from MVAs, scar tissue from common surgeries, old and more recent injuries, as well as amputations.

She also helps people who are in the midst of a lifestyle change: eating healthier and getting fitter. Her athletes come from different activities, including endurance (runners, bicyclists, swimmers), technical and cave divers, performers, and more. Please note that she is not a nutritionist nor is she allowed to diagnose or prescribe. However, part of her practice is client education and support.

A professional through and through, her prior career as PhD engineer and executive MBA focused on data driven approaches and analyses, from unique research through Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Black Belt Mastery. Her approach even as a therapist can be likened to state of the art project management, respectful of and efficient with resources and with a challenging but attainable, mutually agreed on, goal in mind.

You can book online securely with Claudia at and use major credit cards for payment. In person, you can use FSA and HSA (if funds are still in your account and the card is in the name of the client), major credit cards, cash and local checks. She has certain business policies in place, including that the full fee is owed within 24 hours of the appointment. With few exceptions, she does not accept same day appointments or call-ins. Checking her schedule and booking online is your best choice, you can also contact her via her web page. Email, web page contact and (for regulars) texts to her cell phone tend to be faster and more reliable, but if you must use a phone please leave one clear and meaningful VM and allow one business day for the response.

The sessions offered can be 60, 90 and 120 minutes long ($80/60min), and consist of bodywork and exercise programming related assessments and consultations. If you are considering your first session with Claudia, a 60-minute bodywork session may be best. For those wanting reflexology, Thai, or Reiki, or an exercise program, please contact her first. For your first session, please arrive 10-15min early to fill out her paperwork.

Claudia looks forward to meeting you and assisting you with feeling better, healing and the beneficial change you want.

Florence (Flo) Capone

LMT–Licensed Massage Therapist (MA42118)
Graduate–Florida School of Massage -2004
RN – Registered Nurse
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing–St Petersburg College

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Florida State Massage Therapy Association

Flo Capone graduated from the Florida School of Massage and completed advanced training to become a Certified Reflexologist in 2004. She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for clients with lymphedema, pre- and post-surgery, and post-injury. In addition to Reflexology and MLD, some of her further studies include: advanced training in Oncology massage, neck, shoulder, and back injury evaluation, treatment, and rehab, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy, treatment of scar tissue, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Thai Foot Massage, Pregnancy massage, facial massage, and Massage Cupping.

Flo’s practice is client-specific and results-oriented. Her passion is to help her clients experience more enjoyment in their lives by attaining pain relief, relaxation, and functional flexibility. She integrates movement and stretching with different massage techniques, and encourages open communication during the massage session in order to achieve the most comfort and best results for each individual.

She has successfully treated clients with whiplash and other injuries, headaches, back, neck, and shoulder problems, carpal-tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome, plantar fasciitis, insomnia, and fibromyalgia,

Her extensive background in nursing, from chronic care and rehab to intensive care, public health, health education, special needs, and humanitarian aid, makes her very comfortable working with clients who have challenging health issues. She keeps current with recent research and continuing education.

Flo has indulged her love of travel, languages, and other cultures, through her work in Peace Corps, International Medical Corps, and Doctors Without Borders. She is an avid gardener and loves to swim, bike, walk, and hike. She especially loves spending time with her little nieces and nephews, encouraging them to learn and explore the world.

Contact Flo at 727-470-0067 to schedule an appointment, a free 15-minute consultation, or if you have any questions. She is available Saturday and Sunday by appointment.
Flo speaks Spanish, and some Portuguese and Guarani.