Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping’s uniquely shaped, soft cups use negative pressure and suction to draw up soft tissue rather than pressing down on it as in a typical massage treatment. The therapist uses oil to move the cups along the body. The shape and softness of the cups allow the therapist to treat bony areas, like the spine, knees, sacrum, shoulders, and elbows. The negative pressure helps soften contracted, congested muscles, and effectively releases tight fascia, adhesions, trigger points, and scar tissue. The therapist can easily adjust the amount of suction used, so can perform deep tissue massage more comfortably for the client. If the suction feels too strong and causes discomfort or pain the client should tell the therapist. Flo Capone offers Massage Cupping.

Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage uses standard massage techniques, but modifies pressure, pace, and supportive, soft pillow positioning for the individual’s comfort. These modifications consider surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and their long and short-term side effects, medical devices, a compromised lymph system, or blood cell counts, to support each person’s physical and emotional needs in a safe, nurturing, and compassionate environment. Flo Capone has advanced training in Oncology Massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, sometimes called MLD or Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle, non-invasive manual therapy, but it is not considered massage. Light, rhythmic, specific skin-stretching techniques improve lymph flow and can redirect accumulated lymph fluid, caused by ineffective or injured lymph vessels, out of congested tissues, through the lymph vessels, and back into the venous circulation. No lotion or oil is used in order to achieve the best therapeutic results using these special techniques. It is very effective in reducing the protein-rich swelling of Lymphedema. MLD is also used to decrease swelling from surgery (i.e.) cosmetic, orthopedic), trauma, soft-tissue injuries, and physical inactivity. The rhythmic and gentle manipulation is very soothing to the nervous system, which encourages a relaxation response during the session. Flo Capone is certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life and a wonderful time to nurture the nurturer. As her body changes and hormones shift, massage can be very beneficial for a woman with normal, low-risk pregnancy. Massage can help her to relax, relieve stress, and alleviate the pain and discomfort that she experiences during the different stages of pregnancy. She will be comfortably positioned on the massage table in a side-lying or semi-reclining position with her body supported by soft pillows. Any woman with a high-risk pregnancy should consult her doctor or midwife before booking an appointment. As with any massage, inform your therapist immediately if you have any discomfort during pregnancy massage. Flo Capone offers Pregnancy Massage.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage is a holistic treatment which blends elements of Japanese Shiatsu, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese reflexology, and massage to open the Sen (energy) lines by treating the lower legs, knees, and feet in a particular sequence. The treatment customarily begins on the left foot after the right foot is snugly covered. The treatment combines stretching, acupressure, and massage techniques, using thumbs, fingers, knuckles, palms of the hands, and a special small wooden tool called a Thai stick, that stimulates reflex points to encourage the body and mind to return to a healthy, balanced state. The session is profoundly relaxing while leaving you energized. Other benefits include improved circulation and lymphatic drainage in the feet and legs, stress relief, reduced stiffness, greater flexibility, and improved sleep. The client remains fully clothed, preferably wearing loose-fitting pants or shorts, as the treatment reaches just above the knees. Flo Capone offers Thai Foot Massage.


Reflexology is a safe, non-invasive, complementary, holistic manual therapy that encourages the body to heal naturally and maintain optimum health by enabling the nervous system to relax. The therapist uses specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques to apply pressure to particular points on the hands or feet, reflexively affecting the corresponding gland, organ, or body part. This wonderfully relaxing session, done without oils, lotions, or creams, reduces stress, anxiety, and pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, and promotes normal organ and glandular function. The client can remain clothed, if desired, without affecting the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. Typically, a treatment lasts one-half hour or one hour. The client may choose to combine reflexology with massage therapy and have a half-hour or hour of reflexology before or after the massage session. Flo Capone is a Certified Reflexologist.

Florence (Flo) Capone

LMT–Licensed Massage Therapist (MA42118)
Graduate–Florida School of Massage -2004
RN – Registered Nurse
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing–St Petersburg College

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

Flo Capone graduated from the Florida School of Massage and completed advanced training to become a Certified Reflexologist in 2004. She is a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for clients with lymphedema, pre- and post-surgery, and post-injury. In addition to Reflexology and MLD, some of her further studies include: advanced training in Oncology massage, neck, shoulder, and back injury evaluation, treatment, and rehab, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy, treatment of scar tissue, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), Thai Foot Massage, Pregnancy massage, facial massage, and Massage Cupping.

Flo’s practice is client-specific and results-oriented. Her passion is to help her clients experience more enjoyment in their lives by attaining pain relief, relaxation, and functional flexibility. She integrates movement and stretching with different massage techniques, and encourages open communication during the massage session in order to achieve the most comfort and best results for each individual.

She has successfully treated clients with whiplash and other injuries, headaches, back, neck, and shoulder problems, carpal-tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome, plantar fasciitis, insomnia, and fibromyalgia,

Her extensive background in nursing, from chronic care and rehab to intensive care, public health, health education, special needs, and humanitarian aid, makes her very comfortable working with clients who have challenging health issues. She keeps current with recent research and continuing education.

Flo has indulged her love of travel, languages, and other cultures, through her work in Peace Corps, International Medical Corps, and Doctors Without Borders. She is an avid gardener and loves to swim, bike, walk, and hike. She especially loves spending time with her little nieces and nephews, encouraging them to learn and explore the world.

Contact Flo at 727-470-0067 to schedule an appointment, a free 15-minute consultation, or if you have any questions. She is available by appointment only.
Flo speaks Spanish, and some Portuguese and Guarani.